Heritage Baptist Church is a proud member of the Pensacola Bay Baptist Association and of the Southern Baptist convention.  We are connected with these groups not just because we are Baptist, but also because the beliefs they have laid out are in line with the Gospel of Christ.  This association allows us to be connected to like minded churches all across the world, and to partner with them in mission to reach the world for the gospel.

For a full listing of our churches beliefs follow the link below to a copy of the Baptist Faith and Message.

This church, believing in the Bible as the inspired word of God and as the sole authority for faith and practice and acknowledging its adherence to the teaching of Jesus Christ; declares its purpose:

  • To proclaim earnestly the Gospel Message and urge its personal acceptance.

  • To cooperate heartily by prayer, gift, and service in the effort to establish the Kingdom of Christ throughout the world.

  • To maintain regular worship services.

  • To promote systematic Bible study and training for Christian service and to encourage in every possible way, like enlistment in some form of religious activity.

  • To urge members to live daily according to the principles that are set forth in the Word of God