The Heritage family is a branch of the family of God. As such we believe you will feel the loving spirit of God through our membership. You can expect to hear a direct message from the Word of God and feel a spirit of welcome from the first moment you step into our facility.

God's Word

Eph 6:20 says "....pray that I might be bold enough in Him to speak as I should."  Here at Heritage you may not always walk out feeling good about yourself, but you will walk away having heard the Gospel preached clearly and as it was meant to be preached.


Our worship style is "traditionally contemporary." We worship with much of the new popular worship songs, but with a choir and band that will exceed expectations.  Expect to be moved by the worship here at Heritage.

Welcoming Spirit

We at Heritage are proud of our dedication to making everyone feel welcome from the first time they walk through our doors.  From our greeters to our members and pastors, no one will walk past you without saying hello or shaking a hand. 


We focus on not only meeting as the church of God, but also growing closer to each other as believers through small group Bible study and fellowship.


Heritage is happy to have anyone come in with a cup of coffee or a soda to enjoy with the service...just please take a complimentary lid as well.