Youth Ministry

The goal of our ministry is to help orient the people of God onto the things of God. Heritage Student Ministry is focused on helping our students through relationship. Our goal is to assist them with relationships in three ways.

Deeper Relationship with God

We strive to help the students at Heritage grow deeper in their relationship to God. This means encouraging them in bible study, prayer, and holiness. We will use every activity that we do to give students tools and ideas that can help them with their personal walk. We actively discuss with and encourage students in these issues and provide any help that we can in their pursuit of God.

Active Relationship with the Church

We strive to involve students in the everyday workings of the Church. Encouraging them to not only be the “Church of Tomorrow” but also to be the Church right now. Engaging them in opportunities to serve in many different roles of Church life so that when they leave our ministry they leave not only knowing how to serve, but also having truly served.

Intentional Relationship with the World

We strive to teach students that it is their primary goal to reach the world for Christ. Teaching them that all other considerations come second to that primary mission. Students should leave our ministry with the knowledge that in whatever they do they should do it INTENTIONALLY for Christ. This is done through training and encouraging our students in evangelizing, living in holiness, and living missional. Teaching them to look outside themselves and see the world for the broken and hurting place that needs Christ.