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June 11, 2020 

Heritage Family,  

      We are excited to share with you the plan in place to regather all ages back on campus for “Welcome Back Sunday” on July 19! Due to the need to socially distance and the need of space in both the Worship Center and Fellowship Hall, we will be adjusting the Sunday morning schedule to give us the best chance to regather and grow effectively. Therefore, starting July 19, the Sunday morning schedule will consist of the following: 

  • We will have two worship services at 9am and at 10:30am. The music and message will be identical in both services. The choir will help lead both services in worship. Extended Session will be available during both worship hours as well. Online viewing via Facebook Live will continue to be available for the 10:30am worship service only.  


  • We will have two Connect Group hours at 9am and 10:30am as well. We have met with all Connect Group leaders and hashed out the logistics involved. Attached to this email, we have provided a layout of the Fellowship Hall showing which Connect Groups will meet at which of the two hours. This allows all groups to socially distance as well as creating needed space to start new classes which promotes growth overall. If your Connect Group meets at 9am, you would then attend the 10:30am worship service. If your Connect Group meets at 10:30am, you would attend the 9am worship service. Classes for youth, children, and preschool will be provided at both 9am and 10:30am.  


  • For those who do not attend a Connect Group, you may choose to attend either one of the worship services. Now is a great time to join a Connect Group since we are creating more space for you to connect with other Christians for friendships, Bible study, fellowship, prayer, and care. So get connected on July 19! 


  • For those who attend worship, a Connect Group, and serve in some capacity on Sunday mornings, we realize there will be a need for discussion with your ministry leader as well as some shuffling around to accommodate. If you have questions, please contact Melissa, Jed, or Sammy so these needs can be addressed.  

     We are sharing this information now because a transition of this nature is not always easy but it is necessary. In light of the need to follow CDC Guidelines and to allow room for both Heritage members and guest families in both worship services and Connect Groups, we believe this schedule gives us the best chance to do so currently. As we take this step of faith together, we are trusting the Lord is strategically positioning and preparing us now for the opportunity to reach more people with the Gospel into the days ahead. We will continue to communicate concerning this transition in the weeks ahead.  

It’s a privilege to serve with you in this unique season of ministry! God is faithful. 

Josh Wilson 

Interim Pastor 

Our three primary forms of communicating during the COVID-19 season will be: 

1. Mass Email Distribution List

To make sure your email is current and on the list, please email info@heritagecantonment.com

2. Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/heritagebaptistchurch)

3. Website Page